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Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Simulcast

Dr Who CollageHave you seen this? This year marks the 50th anniversary of everyone’s favourite Timelord, and the BBC is simulcasting a special broadcast of Dr. Who to 75 countries. Out of this world!

I just phoned the Victoria Film Festival people to beg and plead with them to host it at the Vic Theatre November 23, offering myself and anyone else from our group to help with organizing and volunteering. Happily, they told me they are already planning it. However, they are very interested in having us co-sponsor this or any other event with them.

I told them we couldn’t really offer them much cash at this time, since we don’t have dues or memberships or even a formal organization yet. But we do have people.

As part of the weekend (on Nov 22) they are also holding a fundraising event with the Vic High Improv team, which is also Dr. Who-themed.

Let’s show them we skeptics are not only geeky Dr. Who fans, but we have community spirit as well. Anyone want to volunteer for either of these events? Sell tickets, persuade people to come, staff the booth, etc? Let me know either here or on the Facebook page.