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Another Phone scam claiming to be BC Hydro…

BC Hydro is warning about a potential scam this winter season. Telemarketers claiming to be calling from BC Hydro are trying to sell energy-saving devices called “Hydro Power Savers.”

According to BC Hydro, they do not endorse “Hydro Power Savers” and has seen other potential scams in other provinces.  As part of the calls, the alleged telemarketers are reportedly claiming that the “Hydro Power Savers” can save customers money on their bills. Customers who have been contacted by telemarketers about “Hydro Power Savers” are encouraged not to enter into any agreement for purchase.

The Better Business Bureau has included “power saving scams” as one of the Top Ten Scams for 2012.


Being skeptical about phonecalls…

Everyone in the Victoria area.
Please be aware, I have just received a call allegedly from Microsoft claiming that my computer was infected and they wanted to try to gain access to my computer. It is not infected. Microsoft does not call if your computer is infected. Just hang up and call your local police. Which is what I did. I hung up on them,and called the RCMP and was able to confirm this was a scam. I also called the federal government Scam busters (1-888-495-8501) and submitted a complaint. Just be aware that this scam is going on.