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Another Phone scam claiming to be BC Hydro…

BC Hydro is warning about a potential scam this winter season. Telemarketers claiming to be calling from BC Hydro are trying to sell energy-saving devices called “Hydro Power Savers.”

According to BC Hydro, they do not endorse “Hydro Power Savers” and has seen other potential scams in other provinces.  As part of the calls, the alleged telemarketers are reportedly claiming that the “Hydro Power Savers” can save customers money on their bills. Customers who have been contacted by telemarketers about “Hydro Power Savers” are encouraged not to enter into any agreement for purchase.

The Better Business Bureau has included “power saving scams” as one of the Top Ten Scams for 2012.


Selling or advertising products that are not proven to work…

The local TV station here in Victoria, CHEK 6 has started airing commercials for the iRenew Bracelet. For those who don’t know… These bracelets, or pendents, are along the same lines as the QRAY, Power Balance, or any assorted bracelets, that claim that it will improve your balance and give you more energy. These products are a scam.

I have sent the following via twitter to one of the anchors for the station:
“I know the station needs to sell advertising.. But really? iRenew Energy Bracelets? They make bogus claims..”

I actually received the following reply within 20 minutes:
“Hey Patrick, I have not seen this ad you are talking about…sounds like garbage for sure. I’ll talk to our GM…Now I’m curious. Cheers”

I also passed on to them a couple of videos that have been done, the first by Richard Saunders from the Australian Skeptics

As well as, I sent the video that was done by Brian Brushwood and his Scam School

If outfits like iRenew want to prove their products, may I suggest that they apply for the JREF Million Dollar Challenge.

Like I said.. CHEK6 is looking into it.. This could be interesting… Will keep you posted…