Here are some resources that you may find interesting, and even entertaining… Enjoy.


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  1. Ken Lord says :

    Here’s a few of my favourite skeptical podcasts:

    The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. Hilarious crew covering current topics, interviews, lots of fun and games. Steven Novella, the main host is a prominent and very active skeptic. This podcast really got me interested in the skeptical movement.

    Skepticality. Long, really in depth interviews. The pair that do this podcast are often credited as really starting the skeptic podcast movement and setting the bar high.

    Geologic Podcast. George ‘Geo’ Hrab, a talented musician, rants about current skeptical topics and rambles on a lot about whatever interesting things are going on in his busy life. Listen to a few episodes, see if he grows on you, if he does, you’ll be itching for his weekly episodes. High production quality, funny regular segments such as “The religious moron of the week”, “Geo’s Mom reads Jay Z Lyrics”, “Rupert McClanahan’s Indestructible Bastards”

    Rationally Speaking. Two philosophers applying critical thinking to many topics, often debating and looking for any flaws in each other’s philosophical methods.

    Point of Inquiry. This is an interview podcast with a few hosts with very different views. One of the main hosts, Chris Mooney, I actually find to be very annoying as he plugs his own work too much, and in my opinion he is too strongly accommodates non-skeptical belief systems. But the guests are always interesting, and it’s always good to see other ways of thinking about things

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