Friday, 24 Jun 11: Skeptics in the Pub

Wednesday, 15 Jun 11: “The Dangers of Smart Meters”

On the 9th of June, I received a Facebook message and here is what it said:

Hello there, my name is Kim. I was pointed in your direction by Mike , who I believe is one of the members of your group. I was wondering if any of your members would be interested in attending the lecture on wireless hydro meters that will be taking place on June 15, at the Cook St. Activity Centre. The last one was held in a church hall near my house, so I decided to attend – and was somewhat disappointed in the quality of the presentation, half of which was designed to sell a presenter’s book on the subject. I am looking for anyone with a background in skepticism or the sciences to attend this upcoming session, as the presenters have a stated interest in delaying or eliminating the implementation of new hydro meters that emit wireless signals.

Well, I put the message out to the YYJ Skeptics in the Pub (formally the Westshore Skeptics page) and wondered if anyone was interested in attending.

Member’s Tori and I arrived a few minutes early, and we were later joined by Fiona.

When Tori and I got there, we quietly took some seats at the back, and we knew that this was going to be interesting when on the projector displaying the computer had something to do with “chemtrails”

More to follow…

Update: here’s an excerpt from Tori’s post about the event:

The biggest problem with the video was the heavy reliance on the fallacy of “correlation equals causation.” It was simply asserted (many, many times) that because the increasing rate of cancers is correlated with increases in radio-frequency exposure (cell phone towers, radar stations, etc), therefore RFs must be causing cancer, or that because someone got a cell phone and held it to the right side of their head, that’s why they got brain cancer on the right side.

Never mind the actual mechanism whereby this could happen has never been shown to exist, or that there are any number of factors that could cause clusters of cancer: the documentary even failed to show evidence that the cancer clusters in question really were epidemiological anomalies. If RF-emitting towers. Devices, etc really do cause cancer (or even “electrosensitivity”) why aren’t similar clusters found everywhere there are a preponderance of cell phone towers and radar stations?

Read the full post here.

One response to “Events”

  1. Kim says :

    Hi there:

    I am in Ontario and we have smart meters and so far, no cancer, just very reduced electricity bills.

    I am moving to B.C. and hope to “continue the conversation”.



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