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Skeptics in the Pub – 04 July 2014

After a hiatus we are back, and as always, everyone is welcome to join us in good conversation, debate and laughs, Be ready to challenge beliefs and challenge others. Please let your friends know, and invite them along. We are always looking forward to lively conversation.

Skeptics in the pub will be at the James Bay Inn Pub starting at 6pm. Hope to see you there!

Skeptics in the Pub – 11 April 2014

OOPS – last week I postponed the April edition until this week and forgot to update the blog. My apologies! We will be meeting at James Bay Inn on the 11th – I promise!

We’re taking it back to James Bay Inn Friday, April 11 for the “Spring is Here!” edition of SitP, starting at 6 pm.

We had an almost-even contingent of men and women at our last gathering at Spinnakers – however the venue was very crowded; something to do with Beer Week in Victoria and the pub having 42 IPAs available for tasting. Good thing some of us are IPA fans.

JBI has an excellent selection of beer on tap, some good food and they always treat our group right. We hope you can join us!

Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Simulcast

Dr Who CollageHave you seen this? This year marks the 50th anniversary of everyone’s favourite Timelord, and the BBC is simulcasting a special broadcast of Dr. Who to 75 countries. Out of this world!

I just phoned the Victoria Film Festival people to beg and plead with them to host it at the Vic Theatre November 23, offering myself and anyone else from our group to help with organizing and volunteering. Happily, they told me they are already planning it. However, they are very interested in having us co-sponsor this or any other event with them.

I told them we couldn’t really offer them much cash at this time, since we don’t have dues or memberships or even a formal organization yet. But we do have people.

As part of the weekend (on Nov 22) they are also holding a fundraising event with the Vic High Improv team, which is also Dr. Who-themed.

Let’s show them we skeptics are not only geeky Dr. Who fans, but we have community spirit as well. Anyone want to volunteer for either of these events? Sell tickets, persuade people to come, staff the booth, etc? Let me know either here or on the Facebook page.


Skeptics in the Pub Jan 20 2012

This is first SitP event of the New Year. As always, everyone is welcome to join us in good conversation, debate and laughs, Be ready to challenge beliefs and challenge others. Please let your friends know, and invite them along.. We are always looking forward to lively conversation.
This event will be held at the James Bay Inn starting at 6 PM. Hope to see you there.

Ankylosaur Attack book launch 15 OCT 11

I have just received some exciting news.. Victoria’s own Daniel Loxton will be launching his new book Ankylosaur Attack  having his new children’s book release very soon.. If you have young ones, especially if they love dinosaurs, be sure to take a look at this book.. and lets help support our friend producing great quality books for kids!

Oh… and Daniel said there will be snacks… 🙂

30 September Skeptics in the Pub

Come and join us for good food, drinks and conversation at the James Bay Inn for another Skeptics in the Pub get together.. Some of us should be back from meeting James Randi in Vancouver.. Be ready to hear some interesting adventures… All are welcome to attend.. and a good time is often held by all..

A field trip for September

James Randi is embarking on a whirlwind cross-Canada lecture tour hosted by the Center for Inquiry Canada, starting in Vancouver. Randi will be signing books and speaking on human psychology and how easily it can be manipulated to make people believe in psychics, UFOs, ghosts, and other paranormal and pseudo-scientific claims.

This unique and provocative lecture is not only educational, but highly entertaining. It attracts persons of all educational and social backgrounds and provides a rational perspective on the seemingly paranormal and otherwise unexplained happenings in our day-to-day life. Randi illustrates how a “politically-correct” attitude has blinded most scientists, who should know better, to the fact that they are not proficient at detecting fraud, often managing to fool themselves when the prize is sufficiently attractive. And he puts up a million-dollar award as bait!

6:00 PM Doors Open
6:15 PM Book Signing
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Lecture and Q&A

General Public: $15 advance, $20 at door
CFI Canada Members: $10

To purchase tickets, please visit

Thursday, September 22 · 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Denman Cinema

1779 Comox Street
Vancouver, British Columbia