Comments Policy

In general, we’ll take our comments policy from the folks over at Skepticblog. In a nutshell that means:

  • Be polite
  • Keep vulgarity to a minimum
  • Read the entire post before commenting on it
  • Avoid copying and pasting large amounts of text into your comments
  • Don’t be a troll; don’t feed the trolls
  • Allow others to have a say; post one comment at a time

We encourage debate, and will engage in it rather than refrain from deleting comments just because we disagree. However, keep in mind this is our blog and we can do what we want with it. We’re all people with jobs and lives, doing this because we’re interested and committed to the cause of reason, rationality and good sense.

We hope it will never come to this (at this point we hope to get any comments at all!) — but any comments or emails issuing threats will be passed on to the authorities.

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