Being skeptical about phonecalls…

Everyone in the Victoria area.
Please be aware, I have just received a call allegedly from Microsoft claiming that my computer was infected and they wanted to try to gain access to my computer. It is not infected. Microsoft does not call if your computer is infected. Just hang up and call your local police. Which is what I did. I hung up on them,and called the RCMP and was able to confirm this was a scam. I also called the federal government Scam busters (1-888-495-8501) and submitted a complaint. Just be aware that this scam is going on.



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5 responses to “Being skeptical about phonecalls…”

  1. Arthur L. says :

    i certainly agree, Patrick. i’m wondering if we got the same number. did you save it? what time did he call? I got mine at around 4:00pm, from this number 253-802-0308…the guy sounded very professional and polite, which i think could have fooled me had i not known about these computer scams.i searched for the phone number through google and guess where it lead me? it was a consumer complaint site called and the site’s practically filled with complaints and scam reports! i feel bad about hanging up at the guy, he sounded cute. Too bad, he’s a scammer!

    • cdnfish says :

      I did not save the phone number.. When I was talking with the folks at scam busters, they did tell me that they can set their display phone numbers to anywhere in the world. It can be a real pain to deal with them, but the main point is we need to get the word out that this is going on, and hopefully help keep someone else from being scammed.

      • Arthur L. says :

        i definitely agree. they’re totally annoying and I sure hope this stops. not everybody has money to spare.

  2. Ian says :

    I got this phone call a couple months ago and just screwed around with the guy for a bit. He claimed my computer was infected and was associated with Microsoft but didn’t know if I had Windows running or what version #fail.

    I tried to get him to go to an article debunking his scam, but I got bored and hung up since I remember it was a long-distance call.

    Wish I called the cops though.

    • cdnfish says :

      Ian, thanks for your story… One of the things that have started to get on my nerves about this, is they are very persistent. Since I first posted this, I have received at least a dozen calls from these people. They are using software that is giving a false phone number. I now ask them for their phone number and tell them after I call microsoft to confirm their legit, I’d call them back.


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