A letter to Elizabeth May, and her reply.. From and to a member of YYJ Skeptics…

One of our members sent a letter to Elizabeth May, the leader and only sitting member of the Green Party of Canada. The attachment is a scan of the response letter from Elizabeth May of the Green Party of Canada to my email sent to her regarding her reported opposition to BC hydro smart meters, etc.

She also included this link:

—-Original Email sent to her below—-
Dear Ms. May,
I voted for you hoping to have a level-headed politician to represent the needs and wants of her constituents to the government. Now, I am very disappointed on your stand on smart meters as outlined in a recent Times Columnist article.

Your opposition to this technology seems to be more of a knee-jerk reaction to buzz words like “radiation” than an informed conclusion based on facts.

I suggest you obtain information from experts in the field before taking an opposing stand to the implementation of smart meters. As a representative of people in your riding you should adhere to what is beneficial to the collective, and not make a political stand (and oppose technological progress) based on the fear of a few, who I believe simply lack enough information to justify fear and panic over what the experts consider perfectly safe technology.


Here is a PDF of the reply he received:


The comments made via twitter and at the meeting are a clear sign that the Leader and only representative of the Green Party in Parliament is party policy..  If Elizabeth May does not understand the science… Then would it not make sense to talk to the Subject Matter experts… or at least check Wikipedia  to get a better understanding on not only the issue, but the real science of Wi-Fi?

What are your thoughts… All comments are welcome.

To clear up some questions about smart meters.. Please check BC Hydro’s FAQs about Radio Frequency and Smart Meters… Although we here at YYJ Skeptics know that many people who believe that WIFI is harmful. We have also reviewed this site as well as the additional resources, and we believe that that all legitimate issues have been addressed.


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12 responses to “A letter to Elizabeth May, and her reply.. From and to a member of YYJ Skeptics…”

  1. Nick says :

    I recently sent a letter to her as well, I’ll let you know what her response is.

    The only thing I added to my letter was a short paragraph about how the anti-wifi crowd is using similar strategies to the anti-global warming forces. Both she and I accept the scientific consensus that global warming is happening and humans are the main reason why. What expertise or knowledge does she possess that has led her to disagree with scientific consensus on wifi, especially considering she is disregarding our own government scientists in the organizations like Health Canada who we trust to provide us with expert advice?

  2. cdnfish says :

    Thanks for your input Nick, and welcome to the YYJ Skeptics… Would be interested to see if the reply is just a form letter that went to all who expressed concern to this stance

  3. jOHN says :

    Wow you need to get your facts straight… Thousands of dropping out of sky dead worldwide. Is this not a green party issue. ? What about all the bees dying.. http://www.citizensforsafetechnology.org/the-birds-the- bees-and-electromagnetic-pollution–andrew-goldsworthy-2009,31,,710 but maybe you should of just watched the press release. http://vime1o.com /2708211 You could of saved yourself the humiliation.. over 5000 (so far) BC REsidents are opposed to our province being blanketed in a mesh of 2 million smart meters 24/7 FOREVER. Just because health Canada SAFETY CODE 6 SAYS ITS SAFE. .. the IARC has placed all wirelless devices (INCLUDING SMART METERS )up to group 2b Possibly carconigenic.. This is gross negligance being forced on us.. Taking away our rights to safe our own Homes,at work in our yards..Robbing us of our freedom of choice.., For Bc liberals greed,, We are very proud of “THE BC GREENS TO HAVE THE COURAGE TO STAND UP” despite the media bashing…you don’t see politicians doing whats best for the people an more..

  4. Johnny Tee says :

    TO CLEAR UP SOME OF THE LIES IN THE PRESS I SUGGEST YOU WAtch THIS.. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCmJpTUCRRo&feature=channel_video_title
    To clear up any green concerns. A 5 acre sanctuary for one with endagered species.- The BC Greens have a precautionary policy on EMF – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCmJpTUCRRo&feature=channel_video_title

    To view the BC Greens press release Parts.1 thru 3 were Elizabeth May speaks strictly as a BC HYDRO CUSTOMER – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HP2naepIirg

    I phone solicited for the sannich gulf islands to help Elizabeth May to win..; Green is Great.. Lighten up.. No other politicaL PARTY HAS DONE SO MUCH GOOD IN A FEW MONTHS.. I REALIZE THAT. GLOBAL WARMING IS CONCLUSIVE. Mesh a mesh network of smart meters in Ontario already And Being installed in BC now. ..They’ve Already signed a contract with Rodgers for Quebec… All the provinces wiill be getting them.. ASAP This technology is advancing…. to rapidly.. With adverse health affects on all forms of life THE INVISIBLE TOXINS…… John Tee

  5. cdnfish says :

    John, thank you for your input. Let’s look at your comments:

    You refer to two issues in your first paragraph: birds dropping out of the sky, and what I assume is colony collapse disorder of bees. These could very well be concerns for the Green Party, however, they were not the subject of this original post.

    You state: “Over 5000 (so far) BC REsidents are opposed to our province being blanketed in a mesh of 2 million smart meters 24/7 FOREVER.”

    According to Statistics Canada, the 2011 population of BC is 4,554,085. Five thousand people represents less than 1% of the residents of BC, and does not indicate overwhelming public opposition to smart meters. It is also unlikely that smart meters will be in existence forever; it would be remarkable indeed if BC Hydro was able to create technology that never becomes obsolete.

    The main point of my post is that we should hold politicians and political parties accountable when they make policy decisions on scientific issues based on opinion, bad science, and lack of evidence. If you would like to address the specific evidence that smart meters or wifi in general cause health problems, then we can address those points in turn.

    It can be impressive when a political party has the courage of its convictions even if those convictions are unpopular. However, my point is that any political figure—especially the leader of a federal party—should base their policy on solid facts and evidence, not fear-mongering and dubious claims.


    • Johnny Tee says :

      CHECK SMART METERS ON YOU TUBE..They benefit the utility company. Nothing more., But you you may want to ask yourself . How will the mercury from 2 million PERFECTLY FINE ANALOG meters be disposed of?/’Will be leaked into our rivers and streams? Dr. Magda Havas . Com has all the info for anyone that wants to downplay the health concerns

      • Riaz. says :

        I don’t agree with the benefit of looking around YouTube for others who say the same thing. I watched a link that you had previously posted and I have to say, two guys, a curtain and a camera, egging each other on the same agreed upon, and in my opinion unfounded, assertions is not condusive to true fact finding, and posing obscure ideas as facts certainly cannot be taken as scientific evidence.
        Now, you do have a good point on disposal of old meters. Thank you for bringing that up. I would be commited to putting effort, as a concerned citizen to ask about BC Hydro’s disposal plan, and *demand* that the old meters be recycled or disposed of in a safe manner.

  6. Riaz. says :

    conspiracy theories and wifi saturated insects falling out of the sky aside, this, if not a blatant lie by BC Hdryo, says it all about the level of exposure caused by theirsmart meters:

    “Smart Meters communicate with B.C. Hydro four to six times per day, averaging a minute per day. Over 20 years, the amount of frequency emitted from the meters is equivalent to a 30-minute cellphone conversation.”

    and the benefits (yes! benefits! for energy conservation and ultimately a cleaner environment) tip the scales, at least from my readings, to embrace this technology, not fear it.

  7. Johnny Tee says :

    Suprised how quick people are to believe a big corporation like BC hydro. Instead of the world health organization.. Or even one better.Non industry funded International agency for research on cancer..,. Wireless is a group 2b possible carcinogenic to humans… Believe what you waNT,,, iT IS WHAT IT IS… THERE ARE ENDLESS STUDIES PROVING AVERSE HEALTH AFFECTS.. nonE PROVING THIS IS SAFE.The Itron OpenwaY CAN BE WIRED VIA PHONE LINE.. This option Bc hydro is not giving his customers.. This would eliminate Wireless security issues. According to BC Hydro’s website … The DATA from the wireless meters is un encrypted. . til it reaches the coll..Tector (dsl ) digital service line…This is a joke to hackers.Google search how to hack a smart meter.. As for Bc HYDRO”s claims of how often they transmit..Here’s a video of Richmond smart meters……http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcoXvp-tR1Ml
    I only commented on this thread to defend the greens sand on smart eters.. As I said before. BC Greens have a precautionary on EMF… cALL IT CONSPIRACY THEORIST… LMAO.. Or check what world scientist are saying… Your choice..


    • Nick says :

      Johnny, you correctly mention that the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer recently classified RF electromagnetic fields as a Group 2b possible carcinogen.

      However, I wonder if you are as concerned about other substances classified as Group 2b by the IARC. This list includes coffee, pickles, and common food additive carrageenan. It also includes working as a carpenter, welder, dry cleaner, printer, textile worker. Does a precautionary approach apply to all of the items on the IARC’s list of Group 2b possible carcinogens?

  8. cdnfish says :


    Thank you again for your comments… If you have some citation other then you tube videos, we would be interested in seeing the documentation to back your claims.

  9. Ken says :

    It’s a very curious thing, this habit that the SUPERCAPS crowd has of considering YouTube to be the one true source of information, when anyone can post pretty much anything on YouTube regardless of it being fact or fiction.

    But what the heck. I had a look. I was the 15th viewer of the video linked in Johnny Tee’s last comment.

    I posted a response. Incase my comment is not appreciated on that video, below is a copy. The chart I refer to is shown at the start of the video. It shows a classification of ranges of supposedly dangerous levels of radiation in the form of radio waves and some apparent smart meter measurements that we are expected to judge based on the classification scheme:


    Note the units in the chart: Micro Watts per square meter. 15,000 uW/m2 = 0.015 Watts /m2. Also note the lack of any citation to support classifying this amount as being dangerous.

    Some perspective: You’re probably sitting near one or more light bulbs right now that each produce 60 or 100 watts of radiation, mostly infra-red, some visible radiation … and pretty much all as photons that individually are far more energetic (and therefore ‘more dangerous’) than the radio photons used by wi-fi.


    I resisted posting a second comment, but I was tempted to also point out that the average amount of solar insolation (radiation from the sun) felt at the Earth’s surface is about 250 Watts per square meter (this will vary depending on time of day, weather conditions, and distance from the equator).

    So in general, you might consider that on average just standing outside could inflict you with 16,666 times more radiation energy from the sun than what was measured close to the smart meter depicted in the video.

    Now consider that each of us, as a result of our metabolism, produces infra-red radiation roughly equivalent to a 100 watt light bulb.

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