An investigation of a UFO video in YYJ…

Last summer, I had a you tube video pointed out to me, showing a UFO that was filmed in Victoria:

I was told about this video, just a couple of days after it was released on Youtube.. After figuring out the general location of where the video was shot, I went down to have a look for myself.

I contacted a friend who is a meteorologist, and obtained wind directions, and conditions for that week. I also contacted some people who are in the community, specifically Chinatown.

Here is the breakdown of what I discovered:

From this picture I created on Google Earth, you can see the general area of the camera, as well as the neighborhood. Please notice that Chinatown is in the upper right corner of the picture.

I was told, over the weeks that this was taken, that there were numerous late night launches of Chinese lanterns…

Yep.. That’s right…

This video could have been preplanned as well. In the video, you can hear cars going by, however if these were real UFO’s being seen, the cameraman would have likely been making comments on what he was seeing.

My conclusion, is what was being filmed was Chinese lanterns. I did post my conclusions on the Youtube page, and those comments were deleted.

What are your thoughts? We welcome all comments…


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