The Amazing Meeting

Many of us who are of a certain age came to skepticism via the magician James Randi (The Amazing Randi), who, beginning in the 1970s-80s, used his skills to uncover scam artists and sham psychics like Peter Popoff and Uri Geller.

The Amazing MeetingEvery year his organization, the JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation) hosts the Amaz!ng Meeting (TAM) in Las Vegas. It’s an event I would very much like to attend one of these years. Perhaps that day is coming sooner rather than later, now that this YYJ Skeptics group and this blog have been formed.

JREF President DJ Grothe said in a recent blog entry:

Because so many skeptics are not content merely to gather and talk skepticism and science (as fun as that can be), but instead are inclined to get to work together combatting the trends of unreason in society, a lot of planning and networking at TAM often results in new projects getting launched, such as the founding of new local skeptics groups, and the creation of grassroots activism campaigns, web initiatives, and numerous podcasts and radio shows focusing on skepticism and the speakers at TAM. I have heard from so many folks about amazing things coming out of the Amaz!ng Meetings.

I think it would be great if a future TAM could see a delegation from Victoria BC attending.

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