Welcome to the YYJ Skeptics…

Have you ever been to a party when someone asked you what your sign is?.. Or have you asked for evidence when someone has made what seems like an incredable claim?… If so, you might be a skeptic.

Generally for the Westshore skeptics, the following is the definition of a skeptic:

(Taken from Wikipedia)

A scientific (or empirical) skeptic is one who questions beliefs on the basis of scientific understanding. Most scientists, being scientific skeptics, test the reliability of certain kinds of claims by subjecting them to a systematic investigation using some form of the scientific method. As a result, a number of claims are considered “pseudoscience” if they are found to improperly apply or ignore the fundamental aspects of the scientific method. Scientific skepticism does not address paranormal or religious beliefs, since these beliefs are, by definition, outside the realm of systematic, empirical testing/knowledge.


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